3 simple reflexes for the prevention of diabetes in Reunion

Partners engaged in the fight

The fight against diabetes and the promotion of better nutrition are a health priority for Reunion: the ARS and 12 partners (Reunion Academy, DAAF, DRAJES, Region, Departmental Council, Association of Mayors, Health Insurance, Mutualité de la Réunion, Tip@santé (interURPS), SEDMER, CIC-EC du CHU, France Assos Santé) are mobilized around an ambitious plan: the Reunion Program for Nutrition and the Fight against Diabetes (PRND) 2020-2023 .

The Reunion Nutrition and Diabetes Control Program (PRND) 2020-2023

Three daily reflexes to prevent diabetes

Organized by the French Diabetes Federation, National Diabetes Prevention Week aims to raise awareness among as many people as possible about the risk factors and preventive behaviors of type 2 diabetes. The 11th edition takes place from September 23 to 30, 2022.
Among the major risk factors for type 2 diabetes, some are not modifiable, such as age and genetic heritage, but others are linked to lifestyle habits on which everyone can act.
Preventing diabetes means: eating better, moving better and identifying risk factors and screening.

Preventing diabetes means… eating better!
Diabetes is strongly determined by nutritional behaviors.
In Reunion, there are nutritional habits far removed from the recommendations:

  • Nearly one in two Reunionese is overweight, and obesity affects 16% of the population aged 15 and over;
  • 91% of Reunionese say they eat less than 5 fruits or vegetables a day;
  • 76% of Reunionese declare less than 30 minutes of walking or cycling per day; 14% of the population say they have no physical activity.

Find recipe videos and other tools on nutritional habits:

Videos “Dan zot marmite” on my health.re

Website pilonpilé.re

Videos “Arrange nout zasseitte et put out basket” on the ARS La Réunion website

Preventing diabetes means… moving better!
Physical activity is the second life habit on which everyone can act. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of becoming diabetic and overall helps prevent chronic diseases.
Physical activity includes daily activities, leisure activities or sports and must be adapted to each person.
In Reunion, the health sports offer is now well developed and made available to the population throughout the territory.


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