A Belgian restaurateur has found an unstoppable … and romantic solution to get rid of wasps

Wasps are unbearable this year! Many, angry, irritating and bellicose, many of them invade the terraces of cafes and restaurants. We no longer count the number of waitresses and waiters bitten by these insects during the service. As well as annoyed and stung customers.

For lunch or dinner in peace, you will have to go to the province of Antwerp, to Bonheiden and even more precisely to “Margherita”, a good Italian restaurant with primi piatti, secondi and dolce, and not pizzas.

Unless the manager, Margherita Mazzocchi is emulated in restaurants across the country with her brilliant idea!

This Italian of origin, like all her colleagues, tried to test the classic “traps” to drive wasps away from tables such as sweet traps, scented sticks, burnt coffee and even devices that give off electric waves supposed to hold them. distant. A waste of time, she told a journalist from Het Nieuwsblad certainly warned of the skill of the owner by a customer. So, “I thought about it and bought white veils that give insects no chance of accessing food“. A good solution for the restaurant: “We constantly replaced glasses of wine, beer or soda because wasps swim in them.” And it took a lot of service time, too. And a system that seems to please customers who feel safe in this little cocoon. These light mosquito nets also give a romantic atmosphere to the restaurant terrace !

An ingenious idea which should prove to be even more useful as the end of the summer heat approaches… This is due to the biological rhythm of these insects. A founding queen begins to build her colony around April-May by generating, at the beginning of spring, several dozen larvae which will become adults. Result: at the end of summer, a single wasp nest can contain several thousand insects! In August and September, wasps are therefore more likely to seek drink (in our glasses) and food (in our plates).

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