A chip shop in the middle of the fields has opened a stone’s throw from Brussels

A local chip shop

At first glance, nothing special awaits you at the Friterie du Saule; if not the setting and the place. Lost in the fields between Lasne and Maransart, this chip shop is at the end of a dirt road, placed on a panoramic terrace with a view of the countryside, you then queue to order your tray of chips on the side of the vast farm 19th century, known to locals as the De Coene family business for generations. In the middle of the terrace, large wooden tables have been set up under a huge willow tree. The setting is breathtaking, but without fuss: no chic decoration or sleeve effects, you are in a pure juice chip shop.

In video, these things you didn’t know about fries:

But on closer inspection, the menu displayed in chalk on a large blackboard is written in two distinct colors: “The dishes in white are the classic chip shop dishes and snacks, but those in pink are those made with products of the farm.” we are told. The ‘La Lutgarde’ beer is local, the bubbles come from Glabais, we take the terroir up here. And the quality is there: the Saule Burger is royal and the homemade tartars even attract Lasnois and families, who are often less fond of chip shop products.

A harsh reality for farmers

While discussing a little with the owners, we are nevertheless informed that this idea of ​​adding the chip shop to the activities of the exploitation was a bit the last chance to save the farm: “With European policies, the increase in all the fixed costs, the Covid, we were on the edge of the abyss. And to set up this project, we also had to fight for almost four years for the permits, the works… It was one hell of an adventure!”

One more reason, therefore, to rejoice in the success of the initiative. Here from 6:30 p.m., the terrace is taken by storm, a family audience, groups of friends, a good-natured atmosphere. You wouldn’t think you were in one of the most chic towns in Walloon Brabant. A chip shop that manages to reconcile with a true love of the land: here is an initiative which, we hope, will inspire others and make children.


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