a dog explodes with joy when she meets her miniature double!

When this dog first met a puppy of the same breed, she couldn’t contain her joy!

Ellie Treece is the owner of a Hungarian pointer named reyna. When one of her friends took in a puppy of the same breed, they decided to organize a meeting. But neither of the two owners expected such emotion from reyna. Meeting his miniature double probably pleased him a lot!

“She thought it was her own puppy”

Ellie Treece immortalized in video the meeting of the two Hungarian Braques. She then shared on TikTok these touching images, as related Daily Paws. In the caption, she wrote, “Our Hungarian Pointer met a Hungarian Pointer puppy for the first time and she thought it was her own puppy”.


“i shall call her squishy and shall be mine” #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #vizsla #vizslasoftiktok #puppy #vizslas

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In the video, the two dogs are seen first discovering each other through a glass door. But as soon as it is open, reyna cannot contain his joy. Her tail is constantly wagging as she covers the little Braque with kisses. The dog has not let go of her miniature look-alike once, constantly asking for it.

After a while, the two canines even fell asleep against each other on the sofa, the puppy curled up against the belly of its eldest.

The video from the puppy’s point of view

The puppy’s owner also filmed this encounter. This results in a video of the same event, but from a completely different point of view. We therefore discover the little dog very happy with this meeting, but tired by so many emotions.


Reply to @baileephillips3 the puppy’s POV!!! #fypシ #foryoupage #vizsla #vizslasoftiktok #puppy #foryou #velcrovizsla

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The two Hungarian Pointers are best friends

The two Braques continued to see each other regularly. They have become inseparable friends. Here is a video that shows their relationship is intact 6 months after they first met:


Reply to @tamaraeis5 Baby Reese is all grown up now!!! #vizsla #vizslasoftiktok #fypシ #TheAdamProject #cute #foryoupage #foryou #dogsofttiktok #puppy #vizslas

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