a few days later it’s a shock

They take their pregnant dog to the vet: a few days later it’s a shock

Dawn and Bill Slater have Chihuahuas, a Rough Collie, and cats. When they discovered in 2017 that one of their female Chihuahuas, Coco, was pregnant, they were extremely happy. To be sure that everything was going as planned, the couple took the little dog to the veterinarian who confirmed the good progress of the pregnancy and estimated the number of puppies at 5.

But in the end, nothing went as planned.

An XXL litter

Some time later, Coco started giving birth to her puppies. When the 5 puppies were born, Dawn and Bill naturally thought the job was done since the vet had announced five puppies. But it was not.

Coco then gave birth to a sixth puppy, and the work was still not finished.

“When the ninth puppy arrived he was in bad shape and we started to wonder when this was all going to end. It was amazing. »

It was a few seconds later that the tenth (and last) puppy came into the world. Coco therefore gave birth to twice as many puppies! Fortunately, the little dog had no complications during this unconventional birth.

All puppies quickly found forever homes once weaned. Remember that in general, Chihuahuas have litters of 1 to 3 puppies. Coco’s litter is therefore quite exceptional.

Below, you can relive this incredible story on video.

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