a first competition for the new association of herding dogs

“Three levels will be represented and 34 pairs (master and dog) from all over France will be in the running”, continues the breeder, now retired. And it was from his job that Alain Mansicot discovered this passion for herding dogs in 2010: “It completely changed the way I work. At the time I had 350 goats. “Following a classified ad, the breeder very quickly became attached to the breed of Border Collies. “The seller showed me what his dog was doing. We have become friends. I said, “I want one too” and it’s done. »

Winning duet

Three years later, the 60-year-old started herding dog competitions, with some success. Even if, here again, modesty prevails: “I’m happy with myself, but it’s not worth writing my prize list”. However, Alain has something to brag about: three selections for the French championships. Today, with his dog Mel, a 6-year-old Border Collie, they are at the highest level of selection. Behind the animal, Pia, his 4-year-old junior, even fits his footprints already.

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