A group of brave children saved a dog from being choked by a snake

The snake held the dog firmly and did not let it move. He started moaning and getting nervous until the young men came to help him.

In some countries, residential areas are very close to lands inhabited by wild animal species, which means that the lives of the people who live there must adapt to those of the animals that have always existed on these lands.

However, it happens that imprudence, irresponsibility, coupled with bad luck, lead to situations that are about to become tragic and fatal.

A group of brave children saved a dog from being choked by a snake

This is what happened to a group of children in India, who were walking with their dog in an unpopulated area and were attacked by a snake. The reptile, before attacking them, headed straight for the dog and wrapped its body almost entirely around it.

According to The Sun, the video was posted to user @baldevchauhan31’s TikTok account, but after being deleted it was re-uploaded by Twitter user Figen Sezgin. Due to the sensitivity of its content, it went viral almost immediately.

The dog began to moan and was very frightened by what was happening, because the snake was not giving up. try to suffocate him.

The kids acted quickly and tried to get this snake to leave the poor dog alone. With sticks they tried to hit the head and the snake body, while the younger children tried to push their dog’s body free from the reptile.

Although the dog is confused by what is happening, he too tries to separate himself from the snake. After a few attempts, two of the oldest children in the group grabbed the reptile from both ends in opposite directions. This pressure and force caused the snake to let go of the dog and it was able to escape unscathed.

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