A lawyer sentenced for embezzling 200,000 euros

Prohibition to practice for three years, a firm placed in judicial liquidation, the reimbursement of the sums embezzled, a hefty fine… The sanctions are increasing against a lawyer, registered with the bar of Vesoul in Haute-Saône since 1999, and accused of having embezzled large sums of money which should have been returned to his clients, reports L’Est Républicain on Monday, July 18. It all started in July 2021. The chairman, a representative of the Bar Association with the power to impose disciplinary sanctions, receives a complaint from one of his clients.

According to the latter, the 100,000 euros which should have been paid to him, as part of an auction, were unduly retained by the Vesulian lawyer. The chairman then decides to seize the council of the order. The latter ended up pronouncing a ban on practice throughout the territory for three years, the lawyer having breached his oath of probity.


The false lawyer unmasked during the hearing by the deputy prosecutor

On the criminal level, the latter was then prosecuted for forgery, use of forgery and breach of trust, facts which he would have partly recognized. According to the Besançon public prosecutor quoted by our colleagues from L’Est Républicain, the embezzled money (nearly 200,000 euros) would have made it possible to pay off the deficits of his cabinet, and to build up a heritage. The Vésulian lawyer was sentenced by the Besançon judicial court to a one-year suspended prison sentence, as well as to reimburse the sums in question, reports France 3 Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. He will also have to pay a fine of 40,000 euros, including 30,000 euros suspended.


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