A lead-riddled cat in Pargny

A resident of Pargny filed a complaint after finding her cat riddled with lead.

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Who blames the cats in Pargny, a peaceful town, set along the Somme canal? This is the question that the gendarmes of Nesle who are conducting the investigation since a complaint will try to answer. It is Sylviane Duchemin who is at the origin. On July 26, she found Sacha, a one-and-a-half-year-old male cat, riddled with twenty pellets in the left thigh and abdomen. ”
He never left the house and he recently had to go hunting in the pasture near our house. Despite his injuries, he managed to come home, his leg hanging down
», still trembles its owner. Went to the vet urgently, the feline was saved. ”
He stayed at home, he’s been out for a while but doesn’t go far or move much
», says Sylviane who has four cats, «
but just lost one. Because in Pargny, Sacha does not seem to be the only victim lately. According to Sylviane, other cats have been killed, run over or poisoned. The town hall encourages owners to file a complaint. ”
I had to pay 260 euros in medical expenses, it’s not nothing
», still plagues the animal lover, shocked by such acts of cruelty. Sylviane Duchemain asked the town hall to set up a solidarity fund for cat owners who must pay for care for their injured or killed cats. The question will be debated at a future municipal council.

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