A puppy left in a backpack in a forest has been rescued and adopted

Stray dogs have to endure the daily ordeal of being abandoned on public roads. Many people and irresponsible owners throw them away when they are sick or when they are newborns and don’t want to deal with it.

That’s what Watson, a puppy who was found in a backpack in the middle of a forest, had to endure after being abandoned by his former owner.

According to information from the RSPCAthe organization responsible for looking after pets found wandering the streets, the puppy was just eight weeks old and was found abandoned in the middle of Finschampstead Forest in London, UK.


The site is frequented by many people. Also, these are the same witnesses who called the emergency services. It was then that RSPCA volunteers were called in and immediately took him to the vet.

A puppy left in a backpack in a forest has been rescued and adopted

The pup was collapsed and weak from being in the backpack for so many hours without fresh air. He was also unable to walk and was filthy and malnourished.

“The vets were initially concerned because the pup couldn’t use its hind legs; they therefore suspected that he had a neurological problem. However, they performed several tests and could not come to a conclusion as to what was causing his hind legs to be unstable,” the organization said.

It was never known who abandoned the pup, but luckily the RSPCA managed to find him a forever home and family.


Watson is slowly recovering from his health issues. He can’t fully walk, but he looks much healthier than when he was found in the woods. He is now with a family that lives near the area where he was found and he is being looked after every day.

“Maybe the previous owner felt he couldn’t sell it, or maybe an owner was worried about the cost of veterinary care. It is never acceptable to abandon an animal in this way, especially if it is sick and vulnerable,” said the shelter.

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