a survey to understand the expectations of Reunionese

This follows the observation that a large number of masters would have liked to have one or more animals sterilized but were not eligible for this campaign, as they were taxable or outside priority sectors. Others could not get an appointment for lack of places.

The schedule was indeed filled very quickly, despite the unfailing investment of veterinary students who will operate without interruption from today until next August 21, weekends and public holidays included.

Last-minute cancellations make it possible to contact beneficiaries on the waiting list. These cancellations are revealing of the situation because among the reasons the death of the animal is sometimes to be deplored (poisoning, accident, running away).

At this intense rate, more than 140 animals will be sterilized over these 13 days of intervention, i.e. an average of more than 10 animals per day, in addition to the more than 7 animals, males and females, sterilized on average every day as part of the free sterilization campaigns already set up by the TCO.

If this pilot version of the mission, positively received, makes it possible to raise awareness among as many people as possible of the importance of sterilization as a means of combating animal wandering on our island, it highlights questions about the priorities to be given both geographically, as well as on the target populations (wandering vs wandering) and the allocation conditions. A report will be made at the end of this unprecedented campaign in order to think about the future missions already envisaged jointly by BAYLENE and REVEZ.

In order to know the real needs of the people of Reunion, REVEZ therefore wishes to give them the opportunity to express themselves in a survey which will not only make it possible to try to improve the project in the future but also to raise these needs with the institutions.

>>> To participate in the survey, it’s HERE <<<


– number of dogs difficult to quantify

– according to a 2016 study, 73,000 dogs in the streets: 31,000 strays and 42,000 strays

– according to associations and volunteers, number underestimated


Birth control issue:

– illegal farms + Internet advertisements

– rambling

– lack of means given to sterilization

– dropouts


– health –> rabies risk (present in Madagascar) + zoonoses + 27,000 bites/year (depending on the prefecture)

– ethical –> more than 80% euthanasia in the pound = French record

– ecological: petrels, geckos…

– economic: millions of euros per year for the operation of the pounds + impact on the farms


– 73 cats, 24 cats, 18 dogs and 30 female dogs

All the information on this sterilization campaign is >>> HERE <<<

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