a young woman is attacked in the street and a dog does not hesitate to defend her

Whether you live in the huge city of Mexico or in a small town in the interior of the country, insecurity is unfortunately something we have to endure every day.

Walking in the street, regardless of place or time, is very risky these days. However, this story will make you regain your faith in the world and know that there is at least someone who can help you when you are in trouble. The protagonist of this story is a stray dog ​​who prevented the theft of a woman from a street in Italy.

A young woman is attacked in the street and a dog does not hesitate to defend her

The clip has gone viral on social media, where a woman can be seen walking down the street with a plastic bag on her back. Suddenly, behind her, appears a man wearing a phosphorescent yellow jacket and a hat. He walks quickly and you can see that he is determined to catch up to the woman who was only a few steps ahead of him.

Farther ahead of them is a seated black dog, which appears to simply be walking around. Suddenly the man ran towards the woman, trying to snatch a bag she was carrying, unexpectedly the dog followed him and began to bite him away from the victim.

The man panicked and ran across the street, the woman carried her bag and stayed on the ground while the dog came back to her.

In the video, we can hear the person recording speaking Italian, so it’s likely to happen in that country. However, comments on Twitter let us know that Mexicans would be happy to have police also exemplary in our streets:

“Replace corrupt and murderous cops with dogs like this and the insecurity in the world will end!” !! », a user commented on the post.

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