Abandoned, hungry and sick, this dog begins a new chapter in his life as a neighborhood mascot

From abandonment and illness to a happy life as the mascot of an entire neighborhood… This is the incredible journey that Pilou, a Labrador Retriever, had who, in addition, seemed doomed by illness and who never is not let down.

The story of Pilou is a true lesson in resilience and hope. This dog, against whom fate seemed to be relentless, found the strength to climb the slope and turn his life upside down, which had gotten off to a bad start. His story is reported by Free lunch.

This Labrador Retriever had been discovered abandoned, wandering and in very bad shape. A few months old, he was thin and sick.

After his rescue, he was entrusted to the SPA refuge of Nimes The murals, to the west of the city-prefecture of Gard. In the wake of his arrival in this reception structure, he was seen by a veterinarian, whose diagnosis was alarming.

Pilou presented, in fact, a heart murmur. He suffered from a pulmonary stenosis 4 of 6 “explained the SPA of Nimes The Walls on his page Facebook. A disease resulting from the narrowing of the pulmonary valve which, on opening, lets blood out of the right ventricle into the lungs. He was not given long to live then.

The treatment given to the dog nevertheless saved him. Thanks to the 3 medications he takes daily, Pilou blew, in May 2022, his 9e candle !

How many lost objects found and returned to their owners thanks to the brave Pilou

Placed in a foster family, he is now a well-known figure among the inhabitants of the district of Beautiful sun. Everyone adores him, not only because his joie de vivre is contagious, but also because he knows how to make himself useful.

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More than once, indeed, Pilou found all kinds of lost or stolen objects, especially in the public garden, which allowed the owners to recover them. One of them even rewarded him with a chew bone, says Free lunch.

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