An association is moving heaven and earth to save the life of an abandoned dog in critical condition

An abandoned dog on the side of the road has been found in critical condition. The association that took him in is moving heaven and earth to save him.

A dog, probably a Beagle or Brittany Spaniel mix, was found abandoned on the side of the road. In very poor condition, the animal was only skin and bones. He was even unable to stand, let alone walk.

The dog was rescued by Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

The dog was taken in by the shelter Fort Wayne Animal Care & Controllocated in the State ofIndiana. The team is formal: the animal has been abandoned. There is no other explanation that could justify the location where he was found. The dog couldn’t have gotten there on his own.

Unfortunately, he probably did not find anything to eat. Very thin, his health is critical. The volunteers do everything possible to save the crusader, whose life is threatened. They constantly monitor him and administer many treatments, as related wane 15.

Special attention to food

It is obvious that the dog must eat well to regain weight. However, as it stands, his organs are fragile, and the slightest excess could be harmful to his digestive system. The long period of food deprivation that the canine has undergone is to be taken into account for a progressive and secure refeeding.

A dog with a complicated past

The misfortunes of this dog obviously do not date from his abandonment. Examinations carried out by veterinarians reveal that he would previously have been kept in a cage or other narrow structure. He was clearly very neglected, which had consequences on his physical health, but also probably mental.

The shelter appealed for donations, and also asked its subscribers to suggest names for the poor animal.

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