an event not to everyone’s taste

For several days, the controversy has not ceased to swell around this fortieth anniversary. At the initiative of the opposition movement: SOS DPM 974. The collective had asked the mayor of Saint-Paul to ban the event because according to the association : “this event scheduled on the beach, facing the lagoon, in the state reserve of 50 geometric steps, in the red zone of the Coastal Risk Prevention Plan (PPRL) approved on December 19, 2018, by an establishment that no longer has a Temporary Occupation Authorization (AOT) for more than 4 years, nor any other title of occupation, has he received the approval of the town hall, manager of the Public Maritime Domain(DPM) ?”,

In response, Jean-Claude Vergoz, manager of Planch’Alizé underlined:“The occupation of public land has always been legal and in compliance with environmental legislation. No erosion of the beach has been observed to date on La Saline beach. The activities and services offered have been adapted over time. as legislation evolves, and the beach and its surroundings are maintained. The installation, light, in accordance with the conditions set by the AOT, is in good condition and maintained.”

Tensions around the event. Early this morning, even before the restaurant opened, activists from SOS DPM 974, the Domoun La Plaine collective and HQ Zazalé planted their umbrellas on the beach, just in front of the establishment. Maloya in the background and signs to denounce the “gentrification” and the “colonialisme”.

Apart from some interference with the Planch’Alizé concerts due to the music of the activists, no incident occurred to enamel the event.

The manager of the establishment considers these disturbances “unwelcome” but indicates that he is not surprised. Moreover, to those who reproach him for not having authorization, he answers “do not need it since the event takes place during the usual opening hours“.

However, Jean-Claude Vergoz believes that it would be necessary “clearer, more consistent and long-term regulations defined with elected officials“to regulate the presence of establishments on the coast.

In terms of attendance, in the morning, there were no more people than usual at the Planch’Alizé.

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