Ashitaba: an elixir of youth in the making

Ashitaba would improve the health of those who consume it and contribute to prolong their life of a few years. If these benefits have never been confirmed by scientific publications, there is no doubt that the profusion of foods and products based on ashitaba (which we find today in the four corners of the world) testifies to a certain infatuation for the plant.

Note also that a study, published in the scientific journal Nature Communications in 2019, identified DMC (4,4′-dimethoxychalcone), a flavonoid found in ashitaba, as a natural compound with anti-aging properties.

It is precisely these virtues that today seem to be of interest to certain actors in the beauty industry.

It is essentially in the form ofoil that we find this plant, often in combination with other natural ingredientsto act as a real makeover.

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