Assault rifles in schools? This last unarmed sanctuary that falters in the United States

AR-15 rifles stored in school safes. This is the latest American discovery to ensure the safety of students in the event of a shooting. Since the massacre of May 24, which left 21 dead in the school of Uvalde, Texas, America has been resting the eternal question of securing its schools. On the one hand, those who plead for stricter control of access to weapons. On the other hand, those who, on the contrary, advocate arming the schools. Like the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, who called, a few hours after the tragedy, to give educational staff the means to defend themselves.

Madison County, North Carolina is one of the “pro guns”. At the start of the school year, its schools will therefore be equipped with semi-automatic rifles, chargers, ammunition and break-in equipment which could prove useful if a shooter barricades himself, locked in safes. Objective: that the police can intervene more quickly thanks to the weapons stored on site. Those who support the initiative point out that in Uvalde, the police had taken more than an hour to intervene… But they omit to say that they were nevertheless on the school site, and perfectly equipped. A failure that had rightly caused a scandal. An investigation is still underway to try to understand why the police did not immediately launch the assault.

Arm the teachers

Prior to North Carolina, other states had

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