attack on Rushdie a US plot, says newspaper

The violent attack on Salman Rushdie is a plot by the United States which “probably wants to spread Islamophobia in the world”, an Iranian newspaper said on Sunday, while there has been no official reaction from the Republic so far. Islamic. Threatened with death since a “fatwa” from Iran in 1989, a year after the publication of “Satanic Verses”, the British naturalized American writer was stabbed a dozen times on Friday in New York State (north- East of the United States), an attack that outrages in the West, but which is welcomed by extremists in Iran and Pakistan. “Perhaps a young Muslim, who was not born when Salman Rushdie wrote his satanic book, wanted revenge on him,” the ultra-conservative daily Javan said on Sunday.

A hypothesis supported by several newspapers

The assailant Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old American of Lebanese descent, was born several years after the publication of “Satanic Verses”. This satirical novel is considered by the most rigorous Muslims as blasphemous with regard to the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad.

The Javan newspaper also evokes the hypothesis of a plot hatched by the Americans: “Another scenario is that the United States probably wants to spread Islamophobia in the world”, adds Javan. For the daily Kayhan, “the attack on Salman Rushdie showed the weakness of United States intelligence and demonstrated that even strict security measures cannot…

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