Conflicts of interest: the Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti sent back to trial, his lawyers counterattack

Eric Dupond-Moretti is suspected of having taken advantage of his function as Minister of Justice to settle scores with magistrates whom he had opposed when he was a lawyer, his advice announced on Monday. “As unfortunately we expected, it was a dismissal order that was issued by the commission of the instruction (note: from the … Read more

an organization fighting for the rights of women in the United States attacks in turn the biopic of Marylin Monroe

We will eventually believe that America has developed complexes vis-à-vis Marilyn Monroe. Everything related to the actress in recent years systematically ends up in controversy. Credit – Netflix After the controversies sparked by his giant statue and Kim Kardashian’s wearing of one of his dresses, it’s the turn of the biopic of the icon of … Read more

investigation points to ‘systemic’ practice of sexual abuse and assault in women’s football

An investigation into American women’s football, commissioned by the Federation and published on Monday, reveals a “systemic” practice of sexual abuse and assault, of which female players of the national team were victims in particular within the framework of the championship organized by the League (NWSL). A global problem. And deep. An investigation into American … Read more