Béziers: desperately looking for a place to welcome 16 cats before they end up on the street

Three volunteers from the association “Les ronrons du bonheur” are looking for a new place to house 16 cats.

8 months ago, the association “Les ronrons du bonheur” invested in an “abandoned” building, next to the Plateau des Poètes in Béziers, where stray cats had taken up residence. This with the agreement of the owner of the premises, according to Cindy Taquet, the founder of the association.

Today, the structure finds itself in trouble since the building will be put up for sale in September and two adult cats and 14 kittens will find themselves “on the street”.

“I found the lair because I fed the neighborhood cats. I realized that they all went to the same place. With the owner’s agreement, I took over the premises and rehabilitated a part of the ground floor and two of the three floors”explains Cindy Taquet.

Knowing that, for the moment, we have no solution for these cats, it is a permanent anxiety

Since then, 81 cats have passed through the arms of the three volunteers. Each has a personalized follow-up, some are adopted. As soon as a cat is recovered, he passes a veterinary visit to check his state of health, the presence of worms. He is vaccinated, chipped or tattooed.

“The building is separated into four rooms that have been fitted out. One of them is devoted to quarantine. All sick cats are gathered together so as not to contaminate the other residents.”.

Find a solution

As for food, a partnership with Maxizoo, an animal chain, has been set up to collect unsold items and be able to feed the cats. “We are attached to these balls of fur. Knowing that, for the moment, we have no solution for these cats, it is a permanent anxiety. They are our little babies, we are very attentive to their well-being, that either here or even with their new families”says Cindy, tears in her eyes.

For the moment, the reception of new cats is put on hold in view of the situation, but the volunteers are struggling to find a backup solution. In the worst case, the two adult cats (one of which is sick) will have to be released and the kittens distributed among the volunteers.

Objective: find a new place

This association will find itself without premises with 16 dependent cats. The volunteers are therefore actively looking for a place that could accommodate the residents to avoid separating from them without knowing what will become of them.

Their objective would therefore be to move their association in the hope of being able to benefit from better living conditions for these little balls of fur, aged from 1 month to 12 years. Cats that are, of course, still up for adoption and visible on their website: www.ronrondubonheur.fr.

Association “The purrs of happiness” in Béziers. Contact: 06 72 26 06 12.

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