Brawl in a restaurant in Eilat; customers overwhelmed by too long a wait

A violent fight broke out outside a restaurant in Eilat late Saturday night between hungry customers and restaurant staff.

The length of the wait to enter the Halev Harahav kosher steakhouse in the southern Israeli city is believed to be behind the clashes.

In a video of the incident shared on social media, men can be seen waving chairs and using them to hit restaurant staff, as the fight spread to the parking lot.

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No arrests were made following these incidents.

On Sunday, on its Facebook page, the restaurant’s management declared that it condemned all forms of violence.

“Halev Harahav Restaurant condemns all violence,” the message read. “Yesterday, a 17-year-old waiter was attacked by customers who were waiting outside the restaurant. »

“We are saddened by the incident and apologize to our customers,” the restaurant added.

The fight took place at a time of heavy tourist pressure in Israel, fueled by school holidays and the presence of many families.

For some, Saturday’s incident brings to mind the brawl in Holon, of grim memory, in 2019, when visitors to a water park threw plastic chairs at security staff in a violent fight.

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