Carcassonne: restaurant Julia, a journey of flavors straight from the Middle East

This summer, new businesses have set up shop in the city center of Carcassonne. Among them, at number 3 Rue Armagnac, a brand new restaurant opened a month and a half ago offering Syrian and Lebanese cuisine.

After being taken over at the beginning of June in place of Tom’s Dogs, Restaurant Julia offers customers “the essence of taste”.

An atypical journey

The story goes back some forty years. Having decided to leave Syria, Lama and Samir came to settle in the North of France, in Metz. Respectively graduates of a master’s degree in sociology and an engineering degree, they spend a large part of their lives there. During a business trip to Toulouse, Samir and Lama decide to visit the south of France for a few days and fall in love with the region. After 30 years in industrial engineering, Samir decides, with his wife, to let go of everything and realize their dream: to open a restaurant. They then decide to move to Carcassonne, just seven months ago. Accompanied by their three children, they settled in Grazailles and sent them to school in the area. After looking for premises on the internet, they find one and come to inquire. “We came quickly to see the place and met the town hall. Three days later everything was signed”, says Samir. The restaurant is named after their daughter: “We didn’t want to choose between the two boys, so we chose the name of Julia, our daughter”admits Samir, amused.

Respectively of Lebanese and Syrian origin, Lama and Samir wanted to highlight the culture of their countries by offering oriental cuisine. “There are not many restaurants like that in Carcassonne. In general, people go more to Toulouse”explains Lama.

A homemade kitchen

Among the dishes offered, there are falafels, tabbouleh, hummus, safihas (mutton tartlets), chawarmas and even mezes. Home cooking with food from a garden close to the couple. Lama goes out every morning to look for vegetables and herbs as well as milk at the market, and the returns are very good. “Customers really appreciate home cooking and let us know, so we’re really happy that you like it”, says Lama, ready to serve a foreign couple with a smile on her face. Looking delighted when tasting their dish, we can be sure that they are no exception to other people who have tested the restaurant. “We really appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the service and the dishes“, testifies a customer who came to test the restaurant for the first time.

Between falafels, sambousseks and homos, the choices are multiple.
The Independent – NATHALIE AMEN VALS

A good climate between traders

Another appreciable aspect is the mutual support and the good relationship with the pub The Celt, just next door. “We are very happy that everything is going very well around it. There is no stick in the wheels, quite the contrary”, rejoice Lama and Samir. Gradually, Samir and Lama are doing work on the kitchen and the interior and plan to redo the facade to ink their DNA a little more in this place. A culture and an identity which also make all the flavor of their cuisine.

A completely homemade tabbouleh.

A completely homemade tabbouleh.
The Independent – NATHALIE AMEN VALS

On site or to take away, from 11 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.

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