Cat then: the most famous cat in Charente is Confolentais

Alix, a 20-year-old Confolentaise, says she acquired Tigris two weeks ago. “We walk him on a leash in Confolens, where we spend the summer because my parents live here. I work in a restaurant and after the shift, I’m going to show him around the canoe base. » If the cat crystallizes the attention of its masters so much, it is because it is of a very particular species. “It’s a savannah, explains Thomas, Alix’s friend and co-owner of the feline. It is the cross between a serval, a large African feline, and an alley cat. Few people know the savannah, and it is the first interest of this account. We do outreach. »

The feline seems in any case to attract attention. In Confolens, he lets himself be caressed by tourists; this species requires some attention. “In fact, we take care of it like a dog! », laughs Alix. Above all, on Instagram, the young cat has been shared by pundits in the sector, such as Pets World, which has no less than a million subscribers and has posted several photos of Tigris.

If Tigris is emulated, he brings together Alix and Thomas above all. And with this cat, the two lovers who will move in together at the start of the school year readily confess: “we are starting to build something”.

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