The incredible outpouring of solidarity to find a cat that has been missing for 4 months

Nutty, a 13-year-old black cat, was found four months after her disappearance in Lagny-sur-Marne (77). The feline owes its salvation to a moving outpouring of solidarity and the unfailing determination of its master Philippe. He shared his joy with ” I did not find her, we found her “. It is not without emotion … Read more

Animal abandonment: a new obligation for future masters

In the Hauts-de-Seine, the couple shown in the TF1 report above came to collect a one-year-old cat, found on the street a few months ago and cared for by an association. At the moment, adopters like them are far too rare, compared to the number of owners who abandon their pet.“It’s exponential, it has almost … Read more

Indoor Cats: Happy or Unhappy?

personality plays The last cat adopted by Cyrielle is fearful. She picked it up from her parents’ garden. She tells us that she got her out of poverty when she was a stray kitten. “She was full of fleas, barely weaned. She runs away from everything. She doesn’t want to leave the apartment.” Her other … Read more

A man who did not appreciate the company of cats finally lets himself be moved by a small helpless being discovered while jogging

Kris Kempf equated felines with an impulsive, dominant, unsociable and unloving character. He much preferred to surround himself with canines, to the great despair of his partner who loves animals in general. But a tiny kitten asked him for help, and he literally fell in love with her. © @lexscircus_lexsmonkeys Elexis Lin and her husband … Read more

Les Villettes: mysterious disappearances of 7 cats in a few weeks

In the village of “Trevas” in Les Villettes, several residents are witnessing a sad series of disappearances of domestic cats. The latest is that of Carole since Thursday, September 29 in the early morning. Her concern has grown since she learned from a neighborhood survey that other Villettois in her neighborhood were in the same … Read more