A Brussels restaurateur moves because of the Good Move plan: “It’s unlivable, I’ve lost 80% of my clientele”

Trop is you veel for Christophe Durieux, owner of the establishment “Le Rabassier”, located in the Sablon district in Brussels. The restaurateur explained to the microphone of BX1 that he had made the decision to move. According to him, the introduction of the Good Move plan in mid-August within the Pentagon and the resulting traffic … Read more

Saint-Paul: one or more individuals steal food from school canteens, a complaint filed

A complaint was filed by the town hall of Saint-Paul following the theft of food to school canteens. An investigation has been opened and investigations are ongoing. Theft of food to school canteens For the moment, investigators do not know if it is one or more individuals. Drivers were heard after a complaint filed by … Read more

Forbach. La Medina restaurant is committed to the Label Rouge Charolais approach

The La Medina restaurant in Forbach has just obtained Label Rouge accreditation, awarded by the Charolais association Label Rouge. Omar Hocine, the owner of the establishment, thus undertakes to offer his customers certified Charolais meat. “It’s an important commitment for me,” says the manager. “I want to offer quality products to my customers. » It … Read more

“Sometimes I deprive myself of certain foods. I no longer buy cheese, for example”

Restrictions, purchases in small quantities, promotions… the French have been forced to change their consumption habits, in this return to school marked by inflation. Testimonials in a supermarket, in Clermont-Ferrand. Strolling through the shelves of this supermarket in Clermont-Ferrand, we see that the contents of the shopping carts tend to look the same, with a … Read more

the worst and the best, according to “60 million consumers”

While some cereal and biscuit manufacturers are moving away from additives, the majority stand out with a sugar content that is still too high. Getty Images In its October issue, the magazine 60 million consumers scrutinizes the nutritional composition of some fifty breakfast and snack products. Race results? Mixed, with an effort on the additives … Read more