Cereal-free croquettes, raw meat, sterilization… 10 misconceptions about cats

Fake.It is heresy!“, retorts the veterinary doctor. “Even in nature, the cat does not have a fridge full of birds or mice available“, he quips, insisting on respecting the recommended quantities. “Three quarters of the problems encountered in animals are linked to obesityhe warns. A cat must weigh between 3.5 and 4 kilos. Beyond 5 kilos, he is obesehe adds. And even in humans, it’s easier to die of obesity than of being hungry..”

From a behavioral point of view, a whole hunting mechanism is triggered downstream of the process. “The ideal is that the cat tries to acquire its food itself. For the interior, there are small games to handle to make him exercise“Fun bowls, kibble dispenser toys… everything is good to stimulate our four-legged friends!

8. A cat needs wet food to avoid stones kidneys

It depends. For a cat in good health and with water available, it doesn’t really matter. “It is rather the quantity and quality of food that will cause problems, not the type of food“, justifies Marcel Renard. The three criteria on which feline owners must focus are physical activity, the quantity of food and its quality.

On the other hand, cat food makes sense if your animal already has kidney problems at the base. A wet food will allow him to be more hydrated.

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