Consumer recall: this flagship product for breakfast recalled urgently, the stores concerned

Reminder conso has really work these days. Another supermarket staple is the subject of a product recall. And this, after chicken nuggets, tubs of ice cream, crisps and raspberries, among others.

This is a set of rusks from the brand Lu – Heudebert. It seems to be for lack of labeling. Indeed, this would not make it possible to know the presence of sesame in the ingredients.

A news that spoils the pleasure of the followers

The French and bread, it’s an endless story. One could even say that bread is part of the French identity. But a breakfast without a rusk is rare in France. Indeed, it is one of the essential products of the inhabitants of France. Rusks and jam, the perfect combo for mornings.

However, a new risk of spoiling the pleasure of the followers of this product. Indeed, a batch of the latter is the subject ofa product recall campaign. This is a national recall affecting a batch of the Lu – Heudebert brand. The distributors of this product will therefore have to withdraw this batch of rusks from their point of sale.

product product details

Several major brands sell these products across France. To name a few, Carrefour, Monoprix, Leclerc, Franprix are in the list. These brands have been selling them since June 30, 2022. And now they will have to remove these products from all their points of sale in France.

Also sold at Intermarché, these rusks bear the barcode 76222104166229. They are found in 300 g packets (96% cereal). The lot in question is OGV0522453. This batch was supposed to last until at least December 31, 2022. However, a labeling error decided otherwise.

The reason for the product recall

Labeling defect, this is the reason that Rappel Conso evokes. The labeling of this product would not indicate the presence of sesame in the list of ingredients. A list that can be seen on the packaging. There are people who are allergic to sesame.

This is why these Lu – Heudebert brand rusks are the subject of this product recall. Who says product recall says precautions. Indeed, although the French love rusks, they should be wary of them. Especially those who are allergic to sesame. The government site recommends not consuming the product.

It is possible to return it to the point of sale for compensation. And this until September 11, 2022. Those who have allergic reactions should quickly consult their doctor. In addition, consumers can contact the 09 69 39 79 79 if needed.

A few updates on product recalls

Recall or withdrawal procedures have been piling up lately. It is therefore appropriate to make some clarifications on this subject. You should know that there is a difference between withdrawal and recall.


We speak of withdrawal when we want, in the immediate future, to prevent the distribution of a product. We therefore interrupt its exposure for sale as well as its offer to consumers. In the procedure for a product recall, on the other hand, these are products already placed for sale that are affected.

And this, whether it is a food or non-food product. In this case, the alert is more important compared to a withdrawal. The launch of the procedure occurs because the product presents a health risk.

No need for approval from the authorities

Initiating a product recall does not require the approval of the health authorities. Indeed, the manufacturer can issue a product recall just like the producer or the distributor. Thus, he takes care of its management.

The procedure can thus be launched independently. In addition, the DGCCRF or the drug safety agency can also carry out a product recall. These authorities can initiate the procedure following reports from consumers or operators.

In addition, the alert can also come from the European authorities. In this case, for food products, they use the RASFF system. The RAPEX system for non-food products.

After the product was recalled, officials raided outlets for verification. They ensure that the products have been removed from the shelves. Information about the recall should be readable for consumers.

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