Declawing cats officially banned in 18 months in Quebec

Several animal aesthetic practices, including in particular the declawing of cats, will be definitively prohibited in Quebec within a year and a half.

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As announced last spring, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) adopted a regulation to prohibit not only declawing, but also the trimming of the tail or ears of animals.

In recent years, several animal rights groups have denounced the declawing of cats, a practice which amounts to amputating the felines of their third phalanx, which can cause them pain problems for the rest of their life.

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These demands, supported by a petition with more than 21,600 names, led the Minister of Agriculture, André Lamontagne, to affirm last winter that he would legislate to prohibit the declawing of cats and the trimming of tails and dog ears.

In addition, the regulation provides for new standards to regulate domestic animal breeding, among other things by limiting the size of dog and cat breeding for new license holders.

“The publication of the Regulations is a big step for the protection of animals in Quebec. […] We act proactively to promote their well-being. I also encourage all guardians and animal owners to constantly be at the forefront of best practices for the benefit of our pets,” commented Minister André Lamontagne in a press release.

The regulations, enacted on Wednesday, will come into force in exactly 18 months, in February 2024.

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