dog forgotten in car, 17 locked in cages, pet-sitters prosecuted for mistreatment

Police seized 18 dogs from an undeclared pet-sitter in Clermont-Ferrand. A dog had been left in a car in the sun. The other 17 were in cages between the living room and the garage. The pet sitter is in custody

Clermont-Ferrand police seized 18 dogs and a cat from a pet sitter from Clermont-Ferrand on Saturday August 13, 2022.

Law enforcement was first called to a dog left in a car. The police found a shepherd in bad shape in a car in the sun. They were also intrigued by barking coming from a house. They discovered 17 dogs in cages distributed between the living room and the garage.

The animals were in good health, they were not aggressive, they had something to drink and eat, the premises were well maintained, but the police judged that the conditions were not met to accommodate dogs properly.

The Gerzat Animal Protection Association came to pick them up. “The dog in the car is slowly recovering”explains Ramon Ferrer, president of the APA. “He was visited by a veterinarian who showered him urgently. Two hours after being taken out of the car, his temperature was still 39°. His owners were on vacation. They are returning this evening to recover their dog.”

The APA managed to contact most masters. “They are all shocked”, says Ramon Ferrer. Many have chosen to interrupt their vacation to pick up their pet at the kennel. “We are expecting people tonight until 9 p.m.”, continues Ramon Ferrer. Others mobilize their families to travel to the APA while waiting to be able to return. “We are left with an unchipped cat for which we have no information, a dog with a foreign identification chip and two dogs for which we cannot contact the owners because we do not have the correct numbers. .”

The 28-year-old man, who was taking care of the animals at the time of the police intervention, was taken into custody. It was not declared as pet sitter. He explained to investigators that it was his girlfriend who was in charge of the dogs. He replaced her while she was away at work. “He’s a person we know”says Ramon Ferrer. “This young woman had already been the subject of a withdrawal of animals as a breeder and a report to the prosecution as a pet-sitter.”

The young woman was in turn placed in police custody on Saturday evening. The investigation revealed that she was declared as a self-entrepreneur and that she recruited her clients on social networks and the Leboncoin site. She took 8 euros a day.

The couple were released on Sunday with a summons to court in March 2023 for animal abuse.

As a reminder, a pet sitter is someone pet owners hire when they’re away to watch their dog or cat.

According to the Toutoupourlechien website, to practice legally, a pet sitter must obtain certification. This is the ACACED: knowledge certificate for pets of domestic species. He must declare his activity to the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations. Finally the pet sitter must be insured.

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