Eating grapes increases your life expectancy

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    August 16, 2022

    Recent studies published in the journal Foods suggest that the consumption of grapes, added regularly to our Western diet, could guarantee 4 to 5 more years of life expectancy.

    It’s no longer a secret: what we put on our plate and our state of health are closely linked. Here is yet another proof, with the publication of studies addressed by the Western New England University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and published in the journal food last July: the daily consumption of grapes added to a Western diet (often too high in fat) would lead to a significant reduction in fatty liver disease (hepatic steatosis) and would even extend our life expectancy.

    4 to 5 years gained thanks to antioxidants

    But what is the link between grapes and life expectancy? According to the conclusions of Dr. Pezzuto, author of several studies on the subject, the phenomenon is above all linked to the abundant presence of polyphenols in black grapes. Thus, polyphenols would increase the levels of antioxidant genes in the body, and in particular in the liver, where they would make it possible to fight against obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol levels. But also in the brain, where the expression of genes would have positive effects on behavior as well as cognition altered by a diet too rich in fats. Thus, according to studies conducted for the time on mice, the equivalent of two cups of black grapes a day could guarantee 4 or 5 additional years in the life of a man.

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    Grapes, good for health, but not miraculous

    Buoyed by promising results, Dr. Pezzuto’s team does not intend to stop there. According to the researcher, a next step to study could be the palliative effect of grapes on the development of hepatic steatosis, as well as the effect of grapes on the expression of other genes: after studying the effects of grapes on the brain and the liver, the team also intends to verify its action on the kidney. ” We will explore this in more detail” he specifies.

    Of course, and despite significant results, this news is not a miracle cure for counterbalancing excessively bad eating habits in the long term: clearly, 2 servings of grapes a day do not cancel out the harmful effects of a diet way too rich. The study recalls that a varied and globally balanced diet over the long term is always more effective than the addition of grapes, to maintain good health.

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