Find a thinness worthy of Hollywood stars thanks to the baby food diet.

Recently, actress Jennifer Aniston achieved the feat of slimming down in record time. In order to better fit into the skin of one of the characters interpreted in a film. She decided to lose about 4 kg. In this case, it only took him 7 days to achieve this, thanks to the famous baby food diet. This one was concocted by the very notorious Tracey Anderson, the celebrity trainer.

Other stars, like Madonna, have also adopted this diet. The results are unequivocal. They also got rid of a few extra pounds in less than a week. Here is what you need to know about this famous diet so popular.

Baby food diet: the new trendy diet among stars.

As you can guess from its name, the baby food diet is to replace a large part of the food we eat every day with baby food. Basically, we replace lunch and dinner with 14 to 16 baby jars for 7 to 14 days. Two of them will serve as breakfast. We are free to choose between savory and sweet pots. However, the latter are recommended for the morning, as they provide more energy. We take three more (whatever the flavor) for lunch, for the afternoon snack and for dinner (including the real meal).

For those who have an appetite, a few small variations are allowed from time to time as 2 additional pots per day. In the evening, there is not too much change, a “normal” meal is enough. Again, the dish eaten should not contain fat. The only foods recommended are fillets of lean fish such as whiting, vegetables and also chicken meat. Conversely, industrial food that is bathed in oil is to be avoided. This includes fries, burgers or any other product from fast food outlets. This risks nullifying all the efforts made.

Does the Baby Food Diet Really Work?

There are many proven types of diets. Basically, it’s still about controlling the level of fat in the foods you eat, but also about reducing the number and quantity of daily meals as much as possible. This is already enough to melt some excess pounds. The new trend, the diet baby food, is no exception. Only, its results are much more impressive and remarkable, and this, from the 3th diet day. Baby food jars contain ready-to-use millimeter nutrients. With this diet, we control a little better what we eat. It is effective since it does not provide the body with any additional fat or even calories.

The benefits of the Baby Food diet.

If you want a significant weightloss in a short period of time, the baby food diet is ideal. First, baby foods are generally very low in calories, which can help people reduce their overall calorie intake. Also, baby foods are generally soft and easy to digest, which can help people feel fuller after eating less. Finally, this diet can help encourage healthier eating habits because it forces you to eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. In addition, we do not wait too long before obtaining tangible results. Diets that require patience discourage quite easily. Even, for them to be effective, one must at the same time impose regular physical exercises. We quickly get tired of it and quickly return to our bad eating habits.

The disadvantages of the baby food diet.

For stars accustomed to this kind of drastic measure, the baby food diet does not pose any significant drawbacks. For neophytes, on the other hand, feeding almost exclusively on jars of baby food is often a real obstacle course. While this may seem like an easy way to cut calories, there are some serious downsides to this approach. First of all, an adult’s body needs more nutrients than baby food can provide. This can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as fatigue and dizziness. Additionally, eating only baby food can be extremely monotonous, making it difficult to stick to the diet over the long term. Finally, baby food is often much more expensive than regular meals, which makes the diet impractical for many people. Overall, while the baby diet may help some people lose weight in the short term, it is not a sustainable or healthy long-term solution.

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