François Beya’s lawyers challenge the judges of the high military court

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The trial before the High Military Court of François Beya, prosecuted for “conspiracy against the person of the Head of State, insults, incitement of several soldiers to indiscipline” continued, inside the central prison of Makala in Kinshasa. The hearing was short-lived as the lawyers challenged the judges, saying the rights of the defense have not been respected since the trial opened in June 2022.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The lawyers are fed up since the start of the trial. The systematic refusals to grant provisional release to their sick clients have broken the camel’s back. The lawyers expected on Tuesday that the judges rule on their new request. ” You feel in the position of the president and the public prosecutor that they are giving themselves crutches, it is anti-legalism. The president of the high court refuses at any time to give the floor to the defense lawyers », Estimates Me John Kaboto.

The exchanges were lively between judges and lawyers. The latter slammed the door, leaving their customers defenseless. The hearing was suspended and no new date has been communicated. ” It’s a trial that gives the impression of being already sold out, as if to say that mass has already been said and that we are just waiting for communion, that we cannot endorse. Since we started the investigation, we have not seen any clue of guilt, it is a file which is practically empty and which brings shame to our justice. “, adds Me John Kaboto.

Defense lawyers challenged the judges as they prepared to hear Francois Beya for the first time since the start of the trial.


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