He hurts his girlfriend by throwing her a cheeseburger: in jail


United StatesHe hurts his girlfriend by throwing her a cheeseburger: in jail

Targeted by a hamburger thrown by her companion, a 50-year-old lost her balance and injured herself by tripping on a sidewalk. The perpetrator, a repeat offender, was jailed.

James Hunt had already been sentenced twice in 2002.

Pinellas County Jail

Customers of a fast food restaurant in Clearwater (Florida) witnessed a surreal scene on Saturday. According Smoking Gun, a 41-year-old man started arguing with his 53-year-old girlfriend because she was not eating his meal. The spat took an unlikely turn when the client wanted to leave the restaurant. James Hunt indeed “threw a cheeseburger at the victim, hitting him in the back of the head”, can we read in the minutes of the complaint.

Unbalanced, the 50-year-old tripped on a sidewalk and fell, injuring her chin and mouth. Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement found that the victim’s T-shirt and shorts had blood and cheese stains. A Burger King employee said that before leaving the premises, James Hunt hit his partner in the head while she was on the ground. Arrested, the 40-year-old admitted to having thrown the cheeseburger but denied the blows carried out afterwards.

Hunt, a mechanic by trade, had already been convicted twice in 2002 for acts of domestic violence. He was therefore imprisoned and his bond set at 15,000 dollars. The individual does not have the right to enter into contact with his victim.


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