he implores her to escape the heat wave

A merchant discovers a stray cat in front of his door: he begs it to escape the heat wave

The stray cat was looking for a cool place to shelter from the sun.

France, Portugal, Greece or even the United States… Many countries are suffering from the heat during this summer of 2022.

Escape the scorching temperatures

If humans are suffocating, animals are not left out. It is difficult for them to find a place to protect themselves from the scorching temperatures, especially when they live on the streets.

A stray cat from Saudi Arabia had to experience it. As The Dodo tells, this cat tried to find some freshness in a store.

It is the manager of the store who shared this meeting on the social network TikTok. In this sequence, Rayan Algamadi notices this little cat asking for help.

A very comfortable cat in the air-conditioned store

Although he could have pushed the animal away, Rayan welcomed him with open arms: “Welcome, welcome,” he says in the video.

“He wants to come in. Go on. Welcome Welcome. The sun is hot today, isn’t it? Welcome Welcome “.

The man also clarified that in addition to enjoying an air-conditioned place, the cat who seems very comfortable in his shop was able to eat and drink.

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