he understands that time is running out to save him!

While surfing the Internet, he finds an ad about a cat

This black kitten almost died in a storm drain.

While browsing Facebook, Tyson Hood came across a post about a kitten that had fallen into a storm drain.

A kitten terrified by the situation

Impossible for this man to leave this poor kitten in this trap which could be fatal to him. As revealed by the site The Dodo, the individual decided to send a message to an acquaintance who could help him in this rescue.

“I’m a bit of a fan of animals in distress and I privately messaged him saying I worked for the local fire department in a position where I might be able to help. The next day I heard a message notification ping and we went to work”.

On the spot, the young man realized that the kitten was terrified by the situation. It took more than an hour to free him from his “prison” by baiting him with tuna.

A stray cat who was adopted by his rescuer

Coming out of his hole, the frightened cat began to relax. Very quickly, the black feline never left its savior.

“As soon as he was out of the sewers and into a safe space, he was an absolute sweetheart – non-stop hugs.”

The magic immediately worked between the savior and the animal. Unsurprisingly, Tyson wanted to give his new friend a home. This is how the stray cat became “Walnut” in homage to the street where they first met.

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