Hérault: tortured, kidnapped, poisoned, more than a hundred cats have mysteriously disappeared

For several months, dozens of domestic cats have disappeared without any explanation around Gignac and Pézenas in the Hérault. A few were found obviously mutilated. Pet owners are worried.

Unexplained disappearances of cats in series in the Hérault, west of Montpellier. More than a hundred felines are wanted by their owners in the Gignac and Pézenas sector since the beginning of the year. Most of them are identified, by microchip or tattoo, reports Le Parisien. Malevolence, animal trafficking or accidents? The Montpellier SPA calls for justice.

Traces of torture on some survivors

Some cats, who had mysteriously disappeared, have returned home. However, they appeared to have been tortured and mutilated. A resident of Plessan, north of Pézenas, testified to the Parisian. Her cat came back with “cauda equina syndrome which disconnects the animal’s nervous system”. He was euthanized. Others were found poisoned.

Saïda Ounnas, a resident of Tressan who lost her Siamese cat called Choco, questioned her neighborhood. She very quickly realized that she was not the only one in this situation, explains France Bleu. She has put together a file of several dozen pages containing photos of missing cats, felines found injured, reports from veterinarians and geographical indications of the mysterious disappearances.

140 cats disappeared in less than two years

“140 cats disappearing like that in less than two years? I want, I want to know who, what, how? Why?” Saida Ounnas is indignant. The president of the Chats du Clermontais association has recorded at least ten disturbing disappearances in the city of Clermont-Ferrand. “Most of these felines are sterilized, so they have no interest in breeding,” she told Le Figaro.

An investigation is called for

The owners and associations, in particular the SPA of Montpellier Méditerranée, are asking for the opening of a judicial inquiry. The director of the SPA of Montpellier, Annie Benezech, transmitted the file of the missing cats to the public prosecutor’s office of Béziers.

“The number of missing cats is still quite staggering. It may be trafficking, or even international trafficking. I am still very surprised at the non-reaction of the gendarmes who, when individuals come file a complaint for the disappearance of cats, refuse the complaint of these people, declared Annie Benezech at the microphone of France Bleu Hérault. The anti-cat phenomenon exists”. She added: “I am also appealing to the Béziers public prosecutor’s office because it is not normal that people who have animals who disappear in extremely bizarre conditions are not heard.”

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