Here are the 6 foods you should NEVER eat if they are expired!

You were probably taught not to waste when you were younger, but to what extent. If in general the famous “we are not one day away“works for some foods, well not really for all. We’ll explaine everything here.

Use-by dates

There are distinctions to be made between use-by date and minimum date. Indeed, on food we can find different information. The date of minimum durability DDM corresponds to the date until which the food has all its nutritional qualities. On the other hand, the expiry date is the DLC. “The DLC indicates an imperative limit, explains the DGCCRF. It applies to foodstuffs that are microbiologically very perishable and which, as a result, are likely, after a short period, to present an immediate danger for human health” as indicated by the DGCCRF. This is why it is necessary to pay attention to the DLC of certain foods.

The cold cuts

Charcuterie is one of the foods that it is better not to eat once its DLC has passed. Indeed, even if there is only one slice of ham left, it is better not to eat it. Even if yet there is no strange smell or physical appearance, better throw it away.

Indeed, charcuterie is a food at risk from salmonella. This is a bacterium that grows a lot in cold cuts and can be dangerous or even fatal. The most fragile people such as pregnant women, children, elderly people, or those with a weak immune defense should not especially not to consume it.

Red meat is a risky food

It’s a bit the same as for charcuterie, of course. Red meat is not a food with which one should neglect the DLC. Must therefore remove any expired red meat from your fridge. Especially ground meat because it is more often in the presence with air and therefore the risk of staphylococci increases as well as listeria and salmonella.

The fresh fish

As with the two previous foods, it is better not to play with the fish? It must be consumed either fresh or the day after purchase, but it is better not to wait too long. In fact, you have to be careful with anything you can buy by the cut. So, if you see that your fish has no not shiny skin or keen eyesbetter pass your turn .

Eggs, foods to watch

They are often a source of games. Although techniques with water and a salad bowl exist to know if it is fresh or not, it is also better to be careful. In theory, they should be consumed within the 28 days after laying. But sometimes there are 3 weeks left in supermarkets. So over time the shell becomes thin and diseases can contaminate the egg. So watch the DLC and stick to it.

Cooked meals

It is better for food, especially ready meals, to respect the DLC “In particular all those with sauces and creams, i.e. the almost the majority of cooked meals, which must be consumed immediately, recommends the nutritionist. The others can be eaten a maximum of two days after the deadline indicated on the packaging.”

Cheese a food to watch

This may seem surprising because in itself the cheese is already expired in a certain way. But still it is better to be careful. Corinne Chicheportiche-Ayache explains “It all depends on the method of preparation. For example, a raw milk cheese, that is to say unpasteurized, is to be totally avoided if it is expired. “. For the others it is possible to consume it one week after the DLC but no more than 7 days.

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