Here are the 7 foods you should never give to a cat

Small animals often have a good appetite, even more so when they are in good spirits. But be careful not to give them anything. On the occasion of International Cat Day, this Monday August 8, here are the foods that are potentially dangerous for our little four-legged friends and which must be banned from their menu.


Contrary to popular belief, milk is potentially dangerous for adult cats. Some are lactose intolerant and generally have a hard time digesting it. Water should be their main drink. As for kittens, they are able to digest their mother’s milk but cow’s milk does not cover their needs.


The onions

Onions and cats don’t mix. Cooked or raw, they attack the animal’s red blood cells and cause stomach aches and vomiting. They can also cause anemia.



The alcohol

Alcohol is highly toxic to cats. If by misfortune he drinks from a glass bottom, he risks toasting. A very small amount can even cause him to fall into a coma. Severe damage can then develop to the liver and brain.



The rollmops

The rollmops or fillet of marinated herring is a false friend for the cat. It is indeed fish, which felines love, but the salt content is so high that it is toxic, especially for its digestive system.


We don’t mess with chocolate. If a cat eats between 70 and 150 g, he still risks dying. It is the theobromine, contained in cocoa, which is dangerous. It attacks the heart and the nervous system. In case of ingestion, you must take your little companion to the veterinarian without delay.



The raw potato

Be careful not to leave the peelings lying around. Raw potatoes contain calcium oxalate known to be dangerous for the cat’s urinary tract. It promotes the appearance of kidney stones.



Fake sugar candies

Xylitol (E967) is similar to sugar but only tastes like it. For this reason, it is found in sweets. Assimilated by the body very quickly, it is very dangerous for cats. In response, the pancreas secretes a high level of insulin.

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