Here are the dishes to never get delivered, according to a chef

Food deals are on the rise on delivery apps, prompting a culinary chef to list meals to never get delivered.

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In a daily interview Insiderchef Lizzy Briskin lists nine meals that should not be delivered.

1. Fries

She points out that the fries reach their peak heat when they come out of the fryer and that the delivery time significantly degrades the quality.

2. Eggs

In the process of moving, she claims overturned eggs lose their yellow center and texture.

3. Nachos

The ingredients on the potato chips cause them to become mushy and unflavorful.

4. A smoothie

When the smoothie has just been mixed in the blender, it is cool and the mixture is uniform. In the car, the foods present in the beverage can separate from each other, mentioned the chef.

5. Ice cream

Especially in the summer, ice cream melts quickly. However, the chef points out that, even in winter, the condition of the food at the ice cream counter and the condition it will have once it arrives at your home will not be the same.

6. Breaded foods

If you’re looking for crispy foods, fried chicken won’t satisfy you, says Lizzy Briskin.

7. A grilled cheese sandwich

The cheese inside may dissipate around the edges of the sandwich. “Make it at home, and it will be better than the restaurant one,” she advised.

8. A noodle soup

During delivery, the pasta soaks up a good chunk of the broth, so you might not get what you initially wanted.

9. Salmon

According to the chef, the salmon can continue to cook in the car and no longer be at the initial temperature desired by the restaurant cook. The same rule applies to other fish and seafood.

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