Holly’s Diner restaurant robbery in Saran

This is information France Bleu Orleansthe Holly’s Diner restaurant, located in the commercial area of ​​Cap Saran, was the subject of a armed robbery. Three men burst into the establishment at closing time. They took the safe before fleeing. There are no casualties.

Safe theft

The three men burst in around midnight at the back of the restaurant through the kitchens of the establishment. The three men were hooded and one of them was according to our information armed with a gun. As if he knew the place, the armed robber then went alone to the first floor to seize a room in a safe with which he left physically. Inside, there were around 5,000 euros in small denomination, the cash recipe for the weekend of August 15. The robbers left the checks and restaurant tickets on the spot.

Four employees still in the restaurant

The restaurant was closed, there was more customers inside. Only four employees were still present, “two waiters and two cooks“as the director of Holly’s Diner told us, who did not wish to speak for the reasons of the investigation but who nevertheless told us that they were “all in shock”, one of them could not come to work on Tuesday. The three criminals are left in a vehicle. The restaurant has no video cameras outside, however the investigators of the judicial police will perhaps be able to take advantage of the numerous video surveillance installed in the alleys and parking lots of Cap Saran.

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