How to store garlic for several months while avoiding any danger?

It is a well-known fact that garlic has several benefits for the body. It also has a specific taste that gives it the strength to greatly influence the flavor of dishes. Garlic has one more big advantage – it is very easy to store! If stored correctly, the shelf life of garlic will be quite long! However, it turns out that the combination of garlic and certain food products can hide serious risks for our health. So read the rest of the article to find out how to store garlic for several months and consume it without any danger!

Garlic plays an important role in the preparation of dishes!

We start with the two simplest and most popular methods – storing garlic in peeled or unpeeled cloves. In the next two paragraphs, you are going to see which approach will increase the shelf life of garlic.

Preserving an intact clove of garlic

Storing garlic is a very easy task, as soon as the cloves are unpeeled and intact. If so, all you need to do is find a cool, dry, dark place for your garlic. No, the refrigerator is not a good option. It will make the garlic sprout in a few days. A small drawer, an airtight bag or a plastic bag are not suitable either! Garlic will rot quickly. Where to store garlic then? It’s easier than you think! Choose a well-ventilated place where the temperature is around 15°C. The pantry, for example, can be a good variant. If you still need to put the garlic in a bag – use mesh bags or paper wrappers. If stored properly, a whole clove of garlic can last up to six months.

Why not hang garlic fillets on the wall?

conservation of garlic after harvesting some fillets of garlic hanging on the wall

Can garlic cloves be stored in a bag?

grandma's trick for storing garlic

Once you peel or crack a clove of garlic, its lifespan drastically decreases. In this case, refrigeration is your best option. Place it in an airtight container or zipper bag, then put it in the fridge. Although it may start to lose its spiciness after just a few days, you will be able to use it for about a week.

What to do with peeled garlic cloves?

how to store peeled garlic in the fridge

Freezing is a great way to preserve garlic while preserving its flavor and texture. Follow the following steps to succeed in your task!

Freeze the whole pods

Place the buds in a freezer-safe bag, label them with the date, and freeze. This is the simplest variant!

How to freeze fresh garlic?

how to store fresh garlic put garlic cloves in a bag

Freeze peeled garlic cloves

Peel and separate all the garlic cloves, then spread them evenly on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Then cover the baking sheet with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer overnight. Finally wrap the frozen pods in aluminum foil, seal them in a freezer-safe bag labeled with the date. Freeze again.

frozen garlic benefits of freezing garlic in an airtight container

Freeze chopped or minced garlic

Peel and separate all the garlic cloves. Then chop them finely and evenly (use a food processor). Brush with oil, then spread the garlic paste on a lined baking sheet. Cover the plate and freeze overnight. Cut the frozen garlic paste into equal sized pieces. Finally seal them in a freezer bag labeled with the date. Freeze again.

how to store garlic in a jar like in spain

how to store fresh garlic in the freezer four steps to follow

Did you accidentally chop more garlic than needed for a given recipe? So you don’t have many options. To avoid throwing it in the trash, you can mix it with a little olive oil. Then place it in an airtight container and put it in the fridge. You should use it within a day or two. Do not try to store it for longer than that, as the combination between the two products may hide risks. Read the next paragraph to understand why.

Do you know the dangers of garlic combined with olive oil?

how to store garlic in oil a bowl of garlic cloves and a jar of olive oil

Garlic and olive oil – danger

Homemade garlic in oil can cause botulism if not handled properly. The mixture of garlic and oil may promote the growth of the bacterium clostridium botulinum, which produces poisons that do not affect the taste or smell of the product. Spores of this bacterium are commonly present in soil and can be found on vegetables such as garlic. It is virtually impossible to remove all traces of tiny soil particles from the garlic heads. These botulinum spores present in the soil are harmless in the presence of oxygen. But when garlic containing spores is bottled and coated with oil, it is in an oxygen-free environment, which promotes spore germination and the production of a toxin that can appear from 10°C. .

Botulism is a life-threatening food poisoning whose symptoms include blurred or double vision, difficulty speaking and breathing, and progressive paralysis. Rapid medical intervention will save the patient.

garlic and olive oil danger a jar of olive oil mixed with garlic

To reduce this risk of botulism, the garlic-in-oil mixture should be refrigerated and used within two or three days. Garlic in oil should always be discarded after two hours at room temperature, even if salt and acids are present.

Why braid garlic? Aren’t there easier ways to preserve it? Easier – yes. Yet this is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing way to do it! If you want to turn garlic cloves into a real decoration for your kitchen, read the rest of the article!

  1. Lay three bulbs of garlic with long leaves on a table, the leaves facing you.
  2. Tie the garlic bulbs by intertwining the leaves.
  3. Spread the leaves out, making three separate sections.
  4. Add a new bulb on the left side and put the leaves in the middle section.
  5. Start braiding the leaves by pulling the leaves from the right side towards the middle.
  6. Add a new bulb on the right side and place the leaves in the middle. This time pull the leaves on the left side towards the middle.
  7. Continue adding new bulbs to both sides and braid the garlic tightly.
  8. Finish the braid, add a small loop and tie your braid to the wall for example.

how to braid garlic a woman who braids garlic leaves

Store garlic and decorate the kitchen at the same time!

how to store garlic in a braid that forms a heart

how to store garlic in a braid a braid of garlic on the table

Wondering what to do with stored garlic?


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