In the Hérault, the disturbing disappearance of a hundred cats worries the inhabitants

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For a month, a hundred domestic cats have disappeared in the department of Hérault. The inhabitants fear that this is the work of a large animal trafficking network.

The phenomenon has been running for at least a month. In the department of Hérault, the inhabitants reported the recent disappearance of a hundred domestic cats, all tattooed or identified by a chip. According The Parisian, the missing felines all come from the same department. Disappearances have thus been reported in the villages of Pouget, Plaissan, Paulhan and Puilacher. According to some residents, several felines would have even disappeared at the same time.

For their part, Émeline and Saïda, whose cats are also missing, have been building up for several weeks a well-stocked investigation file, of several dozen pages. The latter have identified the disappearance of nearly 108 cats. “Obviously someone has decided that cats no longer have the right to live here”, comments David Gargowitsch, resident of Plaissan, with our colleagues.

“An organization behind it all”

Faced with the phenomenon, the Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole SPA wants the justice system to take up the case. She thus sent the complete file to the prosecution, but remains unanswered. “Inevitably, more than a hundred cats do not disappear like that in a few weeks as if by magic, says Annie Benezech, the director of the SPA refuge in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. Given the scale of the phenomenon, there is necessarily an organization behind all that. It can’t be the work of a crazy person who, every night, criss-crosses the villages to capture the cats, to torture them. Especially since we don’t find a corpse.”

It also explains that a similar phenomenon has been reported not far from Toulouse. Annie Benezech thus wishes to constitute a civil party and calls for the opening of a judicial inquiry.

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