is the paloise sauce of British origin?

In support of a book on British gastronomy, he explains that the Pau sauce would have been created… in London: “It was invented by Guy Mouilleron, a Béarnais chef living in England. »

An extract from a British cookbook.


In honor of the good king

In the second half of the 20th century, his restaurant Ma Cuisine located in Walton Street, in the upscale district of Chelsea, was one of the reference tables for French gastronomy across the Channel.

However, the recipe for Béarnaise sauce appears in a culinary guide by Auguste Escoffier dated 1912, and therefore predates the cuisine of Guy Mouilleron.

Excerpt from

Excerpt from “The Culinary Guide: Practical Kitchen Reminder”, by Auguste Escoffier, 1912.

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A hypothesis is necessary: ​​and if the English influence, of this attraction for mint (the famous mint sauce, dear to the readers of “Asterix among the Bretons”), had done its job during the “English period from Pau? The investigation is ongoing, thank you to lovers of culinary history with information on this subject to contact

Excerpt from “Asterix among the Bretons”.

Excerpt from “Asterix among the Bretons”.

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Béarnaise, created by accident

Bearnaise sauce, from the mayonnaise family, is made of butter, egg yolk, shallot, tarragon and chervil. It is an emulsified sauce (the mixture of which is obtained between ingredients which normally do not dilute one in the other) created in 1837 when a cook at the Pavillon Henri IV, in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, missed its shallot sauce, explains Food academy.

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