Mathilde Jacquier from the restaurant Chez Mathilde in Maxilly-sur-Léman

“The best picnic is that of breakfast, after a bivouac” assures Mathilde Jacquier of the restaurant At Mathilde’s in Maxilly-sur-Leman. “When, there are a few ashes that fall into the cup but we are happy all the same. A coffee, an apple, and it’s happiness. In the backpack, cheese, bread and sometimes grilled meats. “Above all, remember to take an extra ration for Oche, the four-legged companion (Editor’s note: which owes its name to the Dent d’Oche, the mythical summit of Chablais). A spot where Mathilde loves to come and recharge her batteries, “to avoid disorienting the dog” she jokes; when she’s not pitching her tent above Novel. “It’s nice to be alone in the world. The meal has a special flavor. »

A bubbly and dynamic thirtysomething, Mathilde Jacquier does not cheat. She is one with the nature that surrounds her and that feeds her philosophy: to be as…

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