McDonald’s: a couple celebrates their wedding in the fast food restaurant!

An unusual event has just occurred in a McDonald’s! A wedding went through the drive thru of a fast food restaurant.

An unusual event has just occurred at McDonald’s in Compiègne. A couple celebrates their wedding, finally a party, in the fast food restaurant. And on Facebook, the restaurant posts pictures of this unique moment. We tell you more.

A wedding at a McDonald’s

It takes place not far from Paris. In Compiègne more exactly. A couple got a surprise from their guests. Their McDonald’s was ready to welcome them to celebrate their marriage. It was of course only a passage.

Saturday August 6, the couple and a few guests then went to this fast food restaurant where they usually go. Around 3:30 p.m., the procession passed in front of the restaurant. And everything was ready for them. Balloons with “long live the bride and groom” but that’s not all.

A glass of champagne was also waiting for them. We therefore hope that they were able to have Coke glasses as gifts for their wedding! On their Facebook page, McDonald’s explained a little more about this event. And it was accompanied by several photos.

What a pleasure to have been able to welcome these 2 lovers to our McDrive this weekend! Their relatives gave them a nice little surprise and we were impatiently awaiting their arrival! » And There you go the program.

In the program : small decoration, procession, menus, confetti and Champagne bubbles! We wish them a lot of happiness. It also allows us to remind you to… Come as you are! » An unlikely event.

A rather unexpected event in Compiègne

This does not happen often in McDonald’s and yet! The witnesses wanted to surprise the bride and groom. The restaurant manager came back to this event: “ We regularly have birthday parties. But it’s the first time we celebrate a wedding. »

At Melty, the employees then explained how it all came together. ” It is one of the bride and groom’s witnesses who contacted us. She asked us if the procession could pass. We organized ourselves so as not to interfere with the service”.

The restaurant was still working! And so everything was ready. ” We were entrusted a bottle of champagne to offer to the bride and groom and bottles to water the car. » A rather unusual surprise that was to echo in the couple.

We don’t know if they ordered anything at the drive-thru. A new Big Mac Chicken ? In any case, the couple really did not expect it. You can see it in the photos of this moment! A very happy event that the McDonald’s in Compiègne is ready to start again.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with the service of course! There are always great anecdotes in the restaurants of this fast food. Anyway, right now Coke glasses are back. And this is temporary! So don’t hesitate to take a look.

On the other hand: bad news, prices increase even at McDonald’s. The reason ? Inflation plaguing the world. Even the cheese is no longer the same price. We don’t know if it will last long or not. Case to follow in the coming months.

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