Montpellier: lawyers Maxime Rosier and Iris Christol, future presidents

Elected by their peers, they will form a pair at the head of the Montpellier bar in 2023.

The 80% participation rate is enough to make a whole generation of legislative candidates pale. But the election which was played this Thursday at the bar of Montpellier, was intended to designate the future chairman for the 2023-2024 term, representing some 1,300 lawyers, successor to the current holder Nicolas Bedel de Buzareingues. It is an unprecedented mixed pair that has been appointed: the criminal lawyer Iris Christol associated with the publicist Maxime Rosier. Elected with 564 votes against 483 for their challenger Charles Saliès.

From left to right: Maxime Rosier, Charles Saliès, Nicolas Bedel de Buzareingues and Iris Christol.

The emotion was strong for the duo who campaigned by going as close as possible to their colleagues in their offices to listen to their aspirations and demands regarding the exercise of the profession. “We went there with an idea of ​​freshness, modernity and unity for order, without being sure to convince. We had a great campaign with innovative ideas of transparency and we want to open up order as much as possible on the We also need to reform a little “family”, entrusts Mr. Rosier future chairman of the announcement of the results. Iris Christol, future vice-president, the symbol and the pride are strong, when walking in the footsteps of her ancestors, also presidents, her grandfather in 1971 and her father Gérard Christol in 1993: “I did not consider presenting myself alone, but with Maxime Rosier everything became possible, she says. We will meet eyes, combine efforts. The bar needs to reconcile and we want all lawyers to be represented, to feel at home. Our bar is rich in skills that we want to put in support of the collective”.

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