Narbonne: “They come to drop off their animals like simple parcels”

The Arpan shelter (Au Refuge et Pension des Animaux du Narbonnais) is sounding the alarm about the wave of massive voluntary abandonment of dogs and cats.

“Today, we count about thirty abandonments every month” explains Carine, a volunteer at the Arpan shelter. So that the dog does not damage the carpet or because it is always in the swimming pools, here are some reasons given to the Arpan refuge in Narbonne to justify the abandonment of their pet. Moving, lack of education of the animals, death of the owner, among the plurality of the causes of abandonment of animals, the most frequent case remains however the separation or the divorce of a couple.

Abandonments become systematic

In three years, the number of animals voluntarily abandoned has almost doubled. Before the health crisis, the shelter counted a hundred abandonments of all kinds. While some owners brought their companions directly to the site, a large majority of the animals were found on the side of the road, or even in bags thrown in the trash. Among these cases, we find Just an illusion, an Afghan hound found on the public highway, the hair forming dreadlocks, masses of flesh resembling abscesses on the ribs. Currently in the pound, the shelter is struggling to reach the owners. Many owners cannot be contacted, due to the absence of animal identification, which is compulsory following an adoption. “Some owners that we find and that we contact, do not call back, they must say to themselves that now that they are here, it is not worth paying for an abandonment“. 100 euros for a dog and 80 euros for a cat, this is the price to pay for the abandonment of your animal at the Arpan Refuge.

Some breeds of dogs are more complicated to adopt.

A certificate for new adoptions

On October 1, 2022, a new law, promulgated on November 30, 2021, will come into force to ensure animal welfare, raise awareness among buyers and try to reduce abandonment. A certificate of commitment and knowledge must be given to the new owners and must be signed by the purchaser. This will therefore commit the adopters to protect their animal, not to abandon it and to meet their needs. Written by a person holding the Attestation of Knowledge for Companion Animals of Domestic Species (ACACED), the document will also specify the physiological, behavioral and medical needs of the animal according to its species. It must be submitted at least one week before the transfer of the animal concerned.

The cats do not stay long at the shelter.

The cats do not stay long at the shelter.

Meeting with the refuge and open house

During the month of September, the refuge gives the possibility of coming to meet them on two occasions. On September 3, it is on the promenade des Barques, in the center of Narbonne, that the volunteers of the refuge will set up their stands for the forum of the city’s associations. Open days are scheduled for September 10 and 11 or September 17 and 18. Two appointments dedicated to information on the adoption of boarders, on volunteer work in the shelter but also the system of foster families for animals.

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