Our tips for making a good, ultra-soft and airy olive cake!

The savory cake is an ideal cake to carry on the road to vacation, to the beach, on a picnic and even as a starter throughout the year. This essential of our tables is not always easy to succeed: lack of softness, does not rise enough or the food is all at the bottom of the preparation. Don’t panic, we have tips to remedy this and have a good successful olive cake.

It keeps well, it is convenient to eat and transport: the savory cake.

This essential of our tables is ideal to finish the leftovers of the fridge, to prepare a hearty starter or to take away on the road of the holidays. This is a recipe that can be made in advance and enjoyed later without worry, which is good if you are busy on a weeknight. Sometimes too dry, flat or with the food at the bottom of the preparation, the cake can give a hard time. Do not panic, we have tips to remedy this and obtain a good olive cake.

Know that for a cake to be excellent, it is best to use quality food, to have a tasty and gourmet cake. Before embarking on the recipe, remember to check that your ingredients are at ambient temperature, especially eggs. 🥚

To prevent the food from falling

You prepare your cake and at the time of cutting, surprise, all the food is at the bottom of it. To avoid this, immerse your bacon and olives in your dry preparation (flour=yeast). Mix everything and add this mixture to your egg/oil and milk preparation. Mix everything until you get a smooth paste.

For a fluffy and fluffy cake

When it is very soft, the cake does not stay long on our tables. The trick to make it so is not to overlook the cheese ! Gruyère, mozzarella or even emmental, these cheeses will bring softness to your cake.
For it to be airy, the trick is to use flour with incorporated yeast.

To have a nice bump

To have this bump on the top of your cake, make a cut with a knife on top of it along its entire length after about ten minutes of cooking.

A good cooking

No good cake without perfect baking. Bake 4about 5 min at 200°C. If you use small molds (cupcakes), bake 20/30 min and at 180°.

Other recipe ideas

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