Passionate and Odette, two exquisite Parisian restaurants to discover


Open since June 2022, led by the talented Japanese chef Satoshi Horiuchi, this new gastronomic restaurant in the IXe arrondissement revisits French gastronomy with modernity while respecting small producers and the seasons.

At the Passionné restaurant, chef Satoshi Horiuchi. | Geraldine Martens

With interior designer Kunihiko Takano at the helm, the decor shines with minimalism with its midnight blue mosaic bar, dark-hued walls, sleek furniture and lighting: a refined cocoon.

The dining room of the Passionate restaurant. | Geraldine Martens

“My strong attachment to French cuisine comes from my mother. I also grew up in Japan on a land located at the same latitude as France, rich in legumes and other roots. When I decided to make it my job, I started in a five-star hotel to learn the fundamentals. I then developed an immoderate respect for small producers and their products that I like to work in their entirety, to the root, to the bone. This anti-waste approach is common to French culture and that of my Japanese origins. I cook with all my heart: in this sense, we can say that I am a real enthusiast.”

It is in these terms that chef Satoshi Horiuchi explains his culinary philosophy.

At the Passionné restaurant, grilled squid, saffron cream, caviar, cuttlefish ink ravioli and Thai basil. | Geraldine Martens

It offers a choice of a “Carte Blanche” menu in three stages (lunch only), five stages (85 euros) or seven stages (110 euros) at dinner. Food and wine pairing: “Discovery”, 2 glasses (38 euros), “Evasion”, 3 glasses (50 euros), “Prestige”, 5 glasses (75 euros).

On the menu:

The entrees

  • Simmental beef carpaccio, beets, Béarnaise sauce (27 euros)

At the Passionné restaurant, Simmental beef carpaccio, beets, Béarnaise sauce. | Geraldine Martens

  • Marinated organic trout, caviar and lemon vinaigrette, remoulade sauce (28 euros)

At the Passionné restaurant, marinated organic trout, caviar and lemon vinaigrette, remoulade sauce. | Geraldine Martens

  • Bluefin tuna, green asparagus salad, shellfish broth and basil oil (29 euros)

The dishes

  • Filet mignon of veal, carrots in two ways, Hollandaise sauce (35 euros)
  • Fillet of line-meunière turbot, spelled risotto, sautéed white asparagus, white wine sauce and smoked garlic oil (42 euros)
  • Simmental beef tenderloin cooked at low temperature, meat jus, Ethiopian green pepper tile, red wine sauce (42 euros)

At the Passionné restaurant, Simmental beef tenderloin cooked at low temperature, meat jus, Ethiopian green pepper tile, red wine sauce. | Geraldine Martens

Desserts (all at 15 euros)

  • Strawberry millefeuille and verbena jelly
  • Chocolate terrine, apple compote and Bourbon vanilla ice cream
  • The lane of coffee mousse, tiramisu-style mascarpone cream

Promoting food shops and small local producers, the chef collaborates with Boots en ville, fervent defender of sustainable and organic agriculture, Caviarly’s, expert in Iranian caviar and Hydropousse, an innovative vertical farm in the heart of Paris.

At the Passionné restaurant, smoked duck fillet, organic chervil and Hollandaise sauce. | Geraldine Martens

Passionate is the latest culinary project from a family group behind the restaurants Shiro (75006), To (75010) and Ao Izakaya (75009).

At the Passionné restaurant, small quiches with foie gras. | Geraldine Martens

17, rue Bergere, 75009 Paris. Tel.: 01 42 28 58 14. Seats 78. Lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday.

Odette, the urban hostel

Odette, the urban hostel by Maison Rostang, an emblematic family of French gastronomy, and its chef Rémi Hénaux welcome locals and travelers to introduce them to the French culinary art. It offers a simple, creative menu, made up of homemade and local products.

Rémi Hénaux, chef of the Odette restaurant, the urban inn. | The Sunday Photographer

Odette, a Parisian inn, was named in homage to the grandmother of Céline Falco (née Albar), a living figure of inspiration. Maison Albar Hotels called on Caroline and Sophie Rostang (Michel Rostang’s daughters), who share the same quest for perfection, the same love of a job well done and the same desire to transmit knowledge as their father. The restaurant is as much a family story as a women’s story.

The Rostangs

For the Rostangs, cooking is a passion passed down from father to daughter. Son, grandson and great-grandson of great cooks in love with the culinary arts, Michel Rostang has been pursuing this adventure in the service of the pleasures of the table for more than thirty years. Already the father of six restaurants in Paris – including Maison Rostang, which has two Michelin stars – Michel Rostang is now committed to telling a new gourmet story at the Odette restaurant, run by his two daughters, i.e. the sixth generation of restaurateurs in the family.

The dining room of the Odette restaurant, the urban inn. | The Sunday Photographer

In the Halles de Paris district, Odette, the urban inn is designed as a festive place to live where you can come and enjoy gourmet, light cuisine, in a chic and Parisian atmosphere in the heart of the city.

Open to the street and the neighborhood, from early morning until late in the evening, Odette offers travelers and Parisians seven days a week and at any time tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

The cellar located in the center of the bar allows you to choose your own bottle. The mixologist bartender offers a fine cocktail menu, between great classics and new Odette signatures.

The facade of the Maison Albar Hotels-Le pont Neuf. | Jerome Galland

The five-star hotel Maison Albar Hotels-Le pont Neuf and its Odette restaurant were designed by Alexandre Danan, interior designer and founder of the European Design Office Consulting agency, and Atelier COS Architecture. The duo favored curved lines, noble and natural materials (wood and stone), an organic tablecloth at the entrance and sets of curtains which, everywhere, recall the Pont Neuf which was carried away by Christo in 1985.

About Maison Albar Hotels

Maison Albar Hotels is the brand of five-star boutique hotels of the independent French group Centaurus, created in 2005 by Jean-Bernard and Céline Falco, and managed by Grégory Pourrin.

Combining with passion the know-how of a family of four generations of hoteliers, Albar Hotels is a collection of houses that are all unique but with the same family spirit, where French elegance is combined with the cultural imprint of the place to provide each guest with a memorable experience.

The Maisons Albar Hotels are created on a human scale so that families, couples and business travelers feel at home. Present in France, Europe and China, Albar Hotels sees itself as the ambassador of warm French luxury.

At the Odette restaurant:

The entrees

  • Marinated beef tartare, green asparagus from Provence, vinaigrette and confit egg yolk (15 euros)

At the Odette restaurant, the urban inn, the marinated beef tartare. | The Sunday Photographer

  • Marinated prawns, Thai broth, tangy rice, spring onions (16 euros)

At the Odette restaurant, the urban inn, marinated prawns. | The Sunday Photographer

  • Royal sea bream ceviche, burnt avocado, spicy mango condiment and Granny apple (16 euros)

At the Odette restaurant, the Uurbaine inn, the gilthead seabream ceviche. | The Sunday Photographer

  • Frozen cream of peas, fava beans, ricotta and wild garlic (13 euros)

At the Odette restaurant, the urban inn, the frozen cream of peas. | The Sunday Photographer

The dishes

  • Fillet of turbot, braised endive, carrot cooked in its juice, peanuts and ginger (30 euros)

At the Odette restaurant, the urban inn, the fillet of turbot. | The Sunday Photographer

  • Snacked mackerel, white butter, zucchini and sardine cannelloni (26 euros)
  • Filet of beef a la plancha, gravy, baby potatoes (34 euros)

At the Odette restaurant, the urban inn, grilled fillet of beef. | The Sunday Photographer

  • Roasted yellow poultry supreme, reduced jus, French peas, pea mousseline (28 euros)

At the Odette restaurant, the urban inn, the supreme of roasted yellow poultry. | The Sunday Photographer

  • Veal sweetbreads, gravy, white asparagus, kale (32 euros)

Cheeses and desserts

  • Brillat-Savarin from the Alexandre farm (11 euros)
  • Paris-Brest, peanut and almond praline (12 euros)
  • Crunchy blood orange millefeuille, lemon granita, wasabi (12 euros)
  • The floating island of Odette (12 euros)

At the Odette restaurant, the urban inn, the floating island. | The Sunday Photographer

  • The strawberry and raspberry tartlet, creamy hibiscus (12 euros)

Pieces to share

  • The whole rack of lamb cooked in a saltire, mashed potatoes, lemon, braised lettuce (45 euros per person)
  • Bar in a puff pastry crust, cocotte of coral lentils and spring vegetables (38 euros per person)

The “Marché du Jour”, served only at lunchtime from Monday to Friday (26 euros), includes a savory snack, lamb chop, cannelloni of leeks and eggplant caviar, meat jus, or trout fillet, variety of cauliflower and pot of chocolate cream.

23/25, rue du Pont-Neuf, 75001 Paris. Tel.: 01 44 88 92 78. No closing time.

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