Perpignan: a lawyer attacked in the street, his face sprayed with a corrosive product

The homeless man who was arrested after the facts, was presented for immediate appearance this Wednesday, July 6, 2022 before the Perpignan Criminal Court. He was not tried but was kept in detention pending the new hearing date on August 9.

Me Ramounet Valls, a lawyer in Perpignan, still has a trembling voice. According to his story, this Monday, July 4, in the morning, he arrived by car rue des Augustins in the historic center to go and fix the door of a family building. However, a homeless man, well known to the inhabitants of the area, was settling in front of the entrance with his shopping cart. “I told him, don’t stand there, I’m coming to do some work”, says the lawyer, who parks and returns. “He was there, he said to me:” You, I was waiting for you, you disrespected me, I’m going to smash your face. “I’m not easily scared but there, I admit, I I got scared. Besides, it’s a real 2-meter golgoth. I backed off.” An acquaintance who was passing by then intervenes to intervene. A municipal police crew also passes through the area, summoning the homeless to leave the scene. Everything seems settled…

“It’s as if on my face, the skin was boiling”

Now, around noon, Me Valls returns to his office, accompanied by his wife, rue de l’Incendie. “I see him arriving in the street. He says to me: ‘Don’t move, I’ll get some petrol and I’ll burn your head.’

About ten minutes later, the individual reappears. “He had like a white bag in his hand. I understood that he was going to attack me or that he was going to want to burn down the building. I did not have time to tell my wife about I called the police that he arrived by the rue de la cathedral. He came in my direction and he threw something in my face. It was a liquid. I thought he was going to strike a match. and burn myself. Immediately, my eye and whole face hurt very badly as if the skin was boiling. I said to myself, it’s acid”.

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While his attacker is arrested and taken into custody, Me Valls immediately goes up to his office to rinse off as quickly as possible with water. “I didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. So, on the advice of the police, my wife took me to the emergency room. Luckily the product just splashed on me. If it had gotten into my eye, I could have lost it. Besides, I don’t know yet what it was. After all, he couldn’t have gone very far to look for this substance. You have to watch the cameras of the stores around you to see what he bought. And then if this man comes out, what will happen? Because he knows where to find me and there, for me, he wanted to kill me”.

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